White ind

Oxley cycles have more of these in stock, worlds best freewheel, the White Industries
ENO, used by Marc Willers with his BOX Components hubs, if they are an olympians
choice, then they have to be good!

The freewheel utilizes a sealed cartridge bearing instead of a loose ball system.
The advantage of the cartridge bearing is that it is sealed from the elements such as
mud, grit, and water.  The other benefit is that the bearing is nicely contained in one
simple unit and easily pulled and replaced when worn.  The ENO freewheel features
a machined inner driver and machined outer gear case resulting in a freewheel that
runs concentrically without the tight loose spots common to other freewheels.  36t
ment system and a case hardened, electroless nickel plated outer gear case
make this freewheel a perfect addition to your single speed.  Made in the USA

Stock will be arriving very soon, we have 16T and 17T on order, call the shop, or see
us at the track to secure one.

Forget the rest, and try the best freewheel on the market, for only $95ea